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Six Afghan Police Forces Arrested Over Kidnapping and Murder

(Last Updated On: January 01, 2018 3:41 pm)

Six Afghan police forces who were assigned to provide security along Ghazi – Kandahar highway, were arrested over involvement in kidnappings, murder and armed robbery in the province, the local officials reported.

According to Zaman Khosti, the police chief of Ghazni province, the police forces have also arrested two others involved in the criminal acts. He further added that the efforts are underway to arrest the remaining criminals of their band.

Extortions or illegal money collections from the drivers across the different transit roads are often reported but the authorities have yet to overcome out of this issue.

Moreover, kidnappings, murder, armed robbery, and other such crimes have been significantly increased over the course of recent years.

The people and mainly residents of major cities including Kabul have largely expressed concerns over the issue.

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