Residents Criticize Rising of Electricity Bills in Kabul

8A number of Kabul residents in gathering criticized the rise of the electricity bills, demanding the officials to review the issue and resolve the ongoing challenge on Friday.

The protestors have claimed that the Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat ( DABS)reprise the electricity bills of those Governmental high rankings, Jihadi leaders, powerful figures from the residents of Kabul.

Civil society activist Sayed Naser Mosavi said, “All the electricity clients are responsible to pay the bills, it’s not acceptable that common people pay the bills of the high rankings and others who did not pay their electricity bills yet.”

Some Kabul residents have also criticized the unfair distribution of electricity in Kabul.

“ Powerful figures, people representatives, Jihadi leaders who didn’t pay the electricity bills still enjoying electricity, people do not have to pay the prices.” Sayed Naser Zaki civil society activist said.

Meanwhile Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat Spokesman Wahidullah Tauhidi said, “ W declare the following claim baseless, every single house is having meter which we can calculate the amount of the electricity consumed, work is underway on providing electricity bills for the residents, this way the electricity bills will be costly comparing with two months of bills.”

Earlier people had demanded the Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat responsible to provide electricity bills on monthly basis for more transparency and low cost of bills.

Reported by: FarahNaz Forotan



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