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Wolesi Jirga summons the ministers of Education & Higher Education

Wed Apr 04, 5:36 pm

The Wolesi Jirga or lower house of the parliament summoned the ministers of education and higher education to answers the parliament members questions regarding the failure of most students in recent university entrance test.

While speaking to the representatives of the house, Obaidullah Obaid, the minister of higher education said, “the university entrance test was quite clear and transparent and we could be able to increased the capacity of higher education institutes to 40, 000”.

While speaking about some private universities cooperation, Mr. Obaid said, “Some private universities have agreed to offer admission to a number of students who scored more than 290 marks in university entrance test”. The admission will either free of cost or with 50 percent discount, he added.

Meanwhile the officials of ministry of education said, “The ministry has upgraded the capacity of semi-higher education institutes to 70, 000, in 3 fields of study, i.e. Islamic Studies, Professional & Technical Institutes and Teacher Training Institutes.

Muhammad Asif Nang, the deputy education minister called the international communities and relevant authorities to support the ministry in this regard.

Around 1, 4700 high school graduates attended the recent university entrance test but only 40, 000 of them were able to get admission in the universities.

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