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Wolesi Jirga rejects next year’s budget

Mon Mar 19, 2:09 pm

Wolesi Jirga or Lower House of the Parliament on Sunday rejected the proposed budget for the next solar year, starting from 21 March 2012, due to imbalanced allocations to the provinces.

The Wolesi Jirga members on Sunday’s session said they rejected the proposed budget due to unfair allocations to the ministries of Education, Health, Higher Education and Public Works.

The House members decided they won’t approve the budget until equality is properly considered among all government sectors.

The finance ministry has proposed 134.3 billion afs for the normal budget and 110 billion afs for development budget. The normal budget has been increased by 14 percent and the development budget has increased by 40 percent compared to last year.

MP’s also decided to establish a special commission about those 15 ministries who had not been able to consume 40 percent of their development budgets.

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