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Wolesi Jirga failed to perform their parliamentary duties: Khowasi

Fri Nov 18, 1:51 pm

According to the MPs, after the electoral crisis now the Parliament should try to away their basic lacks.

A number of Kabul residents also want the Wolesi Jirga to solve the problems of citizens.

A year passed since the second round of parliamentary elections and close to 9 months from the beginning of the sixteenth round of the Lower House passed but due to electoral crises they failed to properly perform their duties well.

MP Abdul Sattar Khowasi demands for more Wolesi Jirga efforts than past.

Due to absence of MPS in 9 months the House of Representatives failed to deal with its basic tasks.

Kabul residents criticizing the performance of Wolesi Jirga say that all members of the Wolesi Jirga keeping their personal hostilities aside should concentrate on the future of Afghanistan.

Sixteenth round of the Lower House after a long conflict been able to complete the number of representatives after stickle of heads and members of Provincial Councils.

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