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Wolesi Jirga condemns, deputy finance minister remarks

Thu Apr 12, 1:23 pm

Various representatives of lower house of the parliament called the administrative staff to summon the finance minister to brief the house regarding the recent statements of the deputy minister of finance.

Mohammad Mustafa Mastoor, deputy minister of finance has recently stated, “The lawmakers are rejecting the proposed budget for the year 1391 (Solar year), so that their salaries would be increased”.

But the representatives of the House called that asking the finance ministry to increase their salaries is their inalienable right like other civil servants and stressed that they have not proposed any formal or informal request in this regard.

“If the deputy minister of finance does not provide any reliable documents in this case, he should be referred to the Attorney General or terminated from his position”, some MPs said.

The MPs added, “The officials of the finance ministry should apologized from the representatives of the House, otherwise MPs will take legal action against them”.

The officials of the finance ministry have not commented in this regard but announced that the ministry will determine it position in this case, later.

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