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Wheat distribution to destitute families begins in Nangarhar

Tue Apr 17, 11:20 am

The distribution of wheat aid to 21 thousand poor families has been started in eastern province of Nangarhar, officials said.

Deputy Governor of Nangarhar Muhammad Hanif Gardiwal said the Indian government has supported 2700 tons of wheat for the poor and needy families in the province.

He said among these aid 240 tons of them were allocated for the needy people of Jalalabad City, 600 tons for nomads and 84 tons of wheat were considered for each districts of eastern Nangarhar province.

100 kilograms of wheat would be distributed for each family in the province, Deputy Governor added.

Meanwhile some of the families criticized the aid distribution process, claiming the aid was not distributed to the needy families but only on the basis of relationship. 100 KG wheat is being distributed among two families, they added.

But the Head of Nangahar Agriculture department Muhammad Hussain Sapai rejecting the claims said the wheat aid was being distributed transparently among the poor families.

The Indian government had promised to support about 60 thousand tons of wheat to the needy people affected by the recent natural disasters in the country. The Ministry of Agriculture has been given the responsibility of distributing the aid.

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