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War against Taliban is progressing towards success in Afghanistan: Leon Panetta

Mon Apr 02, 12:41 pm

The war against the Taliban is moving towards success in Afghanistan with 50 percent of Afghanistan’s security now controlled by the Afghan security forces, according to US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

The Defense Secretary recently remarked about the development of war against Taliban in Afghanistan.

While addressing a group of US marines on Saturday, Mr. Panetta stated that the US will end its combat role in Afghanistan and Afghan security forces will take over the responsibility for battle.

Panetta said, “50% of national security responsibilities have now been handed over to the Afghan security force.  This means that the US strategy to transfer the security responsibilities to Afghan security forces is going successfully.”  Ultimately, the overall security responsibility of all Afghanistan will be handed over to Afghan security forces, he added.

However, some Afghan military experts do not agree with Mr. Panetta’s statements.  They said that during the last 10 years, progress has been made in some areas, but any significant progress has not been observed in the security field.

According to these experts, armed opposition groups are still active in some parts of the countries and are supported by some foreign countries.

They believe that US strategy has failed in Afghanistan. If the international community had fulfilled the commitments of the first Bon Conference, Afghanistan would have no problem today, they added.

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