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Voluntary return of Afghan experts from abroad

Wed Dec 14, 1:16 pm

Efforts for the voluntary return of Afghan professionals from outside the country, has started, refuges Repatriation ministry officials said.

On the basis of tripartite agreement between Afghanistan, Iran and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Tehran would cooperate in returning of Afghan experts, ministry officials said.

Iran aids four hundred thousand dollars to Afghanistan for the return of Afghan professionals, refugee’s repatriation acting minister Jamaheer Anwari said.

He says Afghanistan needs their experts and trained cadres back in the country and the returned Afghan professionals from abroad will also be provided employment.

On the basis of tripartite agreement, all returned Afghan experts with their families will benefit from government assistance.

Meanwhile Iranian Ambassador to Afghanistan Fida Hussain Maliky said Iran ought to help Afghanistan in all sectors.

Now, nearly two million Afghans are employed in various sectors in Iran, he added.

Meanwhile UNHCR High Commissioner in Kabul Marco Sabroto calling Iran role very important stressed that United Nations would also cooperate Afghanistan for the experts’ returns.

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