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Violent protests in Kabul because of insulting video against Islam Prophet (PBUH)

Tue Sep 18, 2:14 pm

Hundreds of angry protestors gathered in Kabul on the second consecutive day to object to the video released in US that was insulting to the Islam Prophet (PBUH).

The protest took place on Monday 17 September in Hoad Khail, where protestors in the eastern part of Kabul shouted anti-American slogans and called for the death of the US film maker who made the insulting video.

The protest began peacefully but eventually turned violent, with demonstrators stoning members of the Afghanistan National Police near NATO and US force bases.

Kabul Police Chief Mohammad Salangi said, “The violent protest led to the injury of 50 Afghan police members and the destruction of many police vehicles, containers, and government equipment.  Also a part of a Mosque was set on fire during the protests.

The total number of protestors on the scene was estimated at over 1,000 people.  Protestors blocked the Kabul –Jalalabad highway for several hours.

In the past 3 day peaceful protests have occurred in different parts of Afghanistan, as demonstrators have joined in demonstrating against the insulting video against against the Islam Prophet (PBUH.  This was the first time the protests turned to violence.

The 17 minute film by a convicted criminal in the US sparked violent protests by Muslims in Islamic countries in many parts of the world.

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