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Usurpation of government land in Konar

Sat Dec 03, 1:13 pm

Hundreds of acres of government land have been usurped in the center and districts of Konar province by the powerful people, Konar Chief Justice said.

These government sites by illegal documents have been usurped by powerful authorities, Abdul Raziq Naseh Konar Chief Justice added.

So far, about 150 acres of land in the province have been retaken from the usurpers and efforts are underway to acquire all the lands usurped by the people, Konar Governor Syed Fazlullah Wahidi said.

Konar residents are worried about land usurpations and say that government is unable to recapture lands seized by the powerful.

According to the statistics nearly four million acres of land across Afghanistan have been usurped by the powerful whose 25 thousand acres have been recovered.

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