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US to donate $ 30 million for Ghazni reconstruction

Wed Feb 01, 11:11 am

The United States of America intends to donate about 30 million dollars this year for the reconstruction projects of Ghazni Province.

US Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker during his visit to Central Ghazni province said the pledged amount will be spent in coordination with the provincial authorities.

This year the US government has allocated 30 million dollars to improve the economical situation of Ghazni residents and the pledged amount will be utilized in economical, agricultural, educational sectors of the province, Mr. Crocker added.

Mr. Crocker said “although, their troops are going to leave Afghanistan by the end of year 2014 but their assistance with Afghanistan and Ghazni province would continue, Mr. Crocker added.

Meanwhile, the provincial authorities called the recent US assistance vital for the restoration of Ghazni and stressed on the continuation of US assistance.

These supports come as Ghazni province is going to be the “Center of Islamic Civilization” in 2013 but so far, no necessary works done in the province.

While the Ghazni Governor Muhammad Musa Akbarzada says if the pledged assistance of President Karzai is given to him, about 70% of the province would be prepared to be the Center of Islamic Civilization.

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