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US soldier charged for Panjwae killings

Sun Mar 25, 12:58 pm

US Soldier Robert bales, accused of killing 17 Panjwae residents in their homes, was formally charged for 17 counts of murders. He was also charged with six counts of attempted murder over attacks on a man, a woman and four children.

The suspect has been transferred to US military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. His trial will be open and transparent, US officials say.

According to US military laws, the suspect could be sentenced to death.

The killing of 17 Panjwae civilians by the US Soldier increased the tension between Kabul and Washington. Although the US officials stressed that the suspect would receive a transparent trial, many political analysts believe that the Panjwae incident has left many negative consequences.

Kabul University Professor, Muhammad Jafar Kohistani, believes even a transparent trial of the US soldier can’t help normalize the tensed relations between Kabul and Washington.

According to a legal expert Dr. Abdul Kabir Ranjbar, the United States has come to Afghanistan in order to maintain democracy and defend the human’s rights; so therefore, it’s important for the US to punish the Soldier and must prove its sincerity.

Although the people of Afghanistan have demanded try of the US soldier inside Afghanistan but these demands were declined by the US authorities.

The US soldier named “Robert Bales” on 11 March shot 17 civilians in their homes dead and injured five others in Panjwae district of southern Kandahar province, according to the charges brought against him in the US.

US President Barrack Obama and other top leaders have already apologized to the entire national of Afghanistan for the brutal killing of the 17 Panjwae innocents.

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