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Two women jumped into river and killed themselves

Thu Aug 11, 11:16 am

Officials of women affairs of the province said in a statement: These women due to rudeness of the families ran way and took such a step. They added the statement: 68 incidents of sexual assault, escape from family, compulsive marriages and self-murdered are recorded in this year. Muhammad Qasim News Reporter of ATN said: Miss Shakira who married thirty nine days ago disappeared from her house on Early Monday.

He added: After a long investigation it was determined that she had jumped into Talaqan River and killed herself.

The dead body of the 22 years old woman was found in river edge. Meanwhile similar case was reported by ATN News reporter that: 22 years old Miss Fatima due to family disturbance and remoteness of her husband jumped into river and killed her self on Monday evening. Head of women affairs of Takhar Province strongly condemned and asked for the punishment of the families of these self-murdered women.

He added: Such incidents are occurred due to inappropriate life system and family violence in the houses.

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