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Two terrorist groups detained in Northern Balkh Province

Mon Feb 20, 1:35 pm

Two terrorists groups, one with 11 members and the other with 7 members, have been detained in the northern Balkh province.  They intended to disrupt the New Year (Nawroz) celebrations in Mazar-a-Sharif, Balkh local officials said.

Balkh Police Chief Estmatullah Alizai said, “The initial investigation showed that these detainees had come to Mazar-i-Sharif to disrupt Nawroz celebrations.” He added that police have taken necessary measures to ensure security during Nawroz days and have launched special inspection teams and established new security shells on Balkh highways.

Meanwhile, Balkh Security Commander Abdul Razzaq Qadiri, who recently joined the office, talked about the strict security plans during Nawroz days in Balkh province.

One month remains until the Nawroz celebrations, the biggest New Year celebrations that are annually held in Mazar-i-Sharif the capital of northern Balkh province where thousands of citizens, national and international figures participate.

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