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Turkish investors committed to remain in Afghanistan after 2014

Tue Mar 27, 11:49 am

Turkish investment and cooperation is not dependent on the presence of foreign forces, but they want long-term trade and economic relations with Afghanistan, Afghan-Turk Traders Union said.

Stressing long-term economic relations with Afghanistan, the union secretary general Murad Aqyouzid on Monday said Turkish private companies have invested over a billion dollars in Afghanistan.

He said Turkey will not leave Afghanistan alone after 2014. Turkish cooperation and trade relations would continue with Afghanistan, he insisted.

“Companies and projects, which are funded by the international community, may quit Afghanistan after 2014 but Turkey is committed to continue investments in Afghanistan” Murad stressed.

A three-day exhibition of various Afghan-Turk industry products is also expected to be held by the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) this month in Kabul. The purpose of holding exhibition is to develop bilateral trade relations.

Meanwhile the deputy chairman of ACCI, Atiqullah Nusrat, said the bilateral trade volume between the Afghanistan and Turkey has reached to 300 million dollars.

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