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Turkey to continue long-term partnership with Afghanistan

Fri Mar 02, 1:37 pm

2014 is a symbolic time; Turkish Ambassador to Afghanistan said the international community would continue supporting Afghanistan after the withdrawal of international troops in the year 2014.

While talking on the occasion of 91st anniversary of Afghan-Turkish Friendship, the Turkish ambassador to Afghanistan Mr. Bassat Ozturk promised that Turkey would continue supporting Afghanistan.

While emphasizing on the long-term relationships between two countries, Mr. Ozturt said, “The international community would continue supporting Afghanistan after 2014”.

Mr. Ozturt said, “2014 is a symbolic year as Turkey has an important role in NATO and has long-term relationship with Afghanistan and will continue their support”.

The Deputy Foreign Minister Javed Ludin said that Turkey has played key role in reconstruction of Afghanistan during the past ten years. He added that Turkey has also played an important role in the development of democracy in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is the first country that recognized Turkey and both countries signed a bilateral relations treaty in the year 1299, or 91 years ago.

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