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Trade and Commerce Minister visited Mazar-a-Sharif

Sat Nov 26, 1:52 pm

Afghan minister for trade and commerce affairs, Dr. Anwar-ul-Haq Ahadi visited Northern Afghanistan to meet with oil and gas importers and want to know the cause of increasing prices of these materials.

The increasing prices of fuel in national markets results in Mr. Ahadi visit to Northern region, where major portion of fuel and gas required by public and Afghan government were imported.

Earlier, Mr. Ahadi was called by Lower House of parliament regarding high prices of fuel and gas in country.

He told to the house that speculation of fuel by private sectors is the main cause of increasing prices of these materials and warned all traders to do not compel the government to control the situation by force.

Earlier, the government has blamed the private sector for hoarding, in response of which private sector blamed the government for not having any specific programme and are not supporting private sector.

The increasing prices of oil, gas and wood during winter is objected of various people.

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