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Thousand tons of liquefied gas may transfer to Kabul: Ahadi

Sun Nov 27, 1:58 pm

A thousand tons of liquefied gas will be transferred to Kabul for purpose to prevent t gas prices from rising again.

Trade and commerce minister Anwar-ul-Haq Ahadi during his visit to Balkh province and meeting with fuel and gas traders and also about controlling the oil and gas prices in country said that the ministry tried to control oil and gas in country markets on the bases of a formula.

Mr. Ahadi visited Northern Afghanistan to talk with businessmen and importers to maintain prices because fuel prices especially liquefied gas has too much increased.

Mr. Ahadi, during meeting with importers of oil and gas announced that thousand tons of gas will be transferred to Kabul in next week to prevent increasing prices.

Its hope that thousands tons of liquefied gas of private sectors and importers may import from Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Balkh governor, Dr. Atta Muhammad Noor also report about controlling oil and gas prices in country.

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