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There is no true democracy in Afghanistan: German Defense Minister

Fri Dec 30, 4:14 pm

Germany’s Defense Minister Thomas de Maiziere in an interview with Spiegel online told about his country’s failure to achieve their goals after ten years of struggle in Afghanistan.

Thomas said “In 2001 the German political parties like the Green Party, the Social Democratic and other parties presented a vision, very much driven by human rights concerns and Germany by its troops had to create a free democracy according to the German model in Afghanistan.”

“Our goals were not perfect on the same criteria and then we have to say honestly that we’ve fallen short of our goals. These evaluations were certainly sobering, and for many of us painful as well, to readjust the goals.”

Germany’s Defense Minister while talking about the achievements of International Community said “there is no true democracy in Afghanistan and if we evaluate our revised goals then we can say that we have achieved some goals.”

“If we compare now with the Taliban regime, many schools are built, facilities and health services have increased and people have more freedom of opinion. But one thing should be clearly stated that Afghanistan still does not have a true democracy, and perhaps will never have, Thomas de Maiziere added.”

Currently German troops are based in Northern provinces particularly in Kunduz and Baghlan.

German Defense Minister said “they had many achievements since last two years and also suffered causalities but will continue this difficult strategy for the next two years.”

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