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The third phase of security transition process is being prepared: Ahmadzai

Sun Apr 08, 12:10 pm

“The 3rd phase of security transition process has being prepared and will be announce by President Hamid Karzai in near future”, Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai; Chairman of security transition commission said.

Mr. Ahmadzai visited Kapesa province to observe the security situation and preparations for beginning of the 3rd phase of security transition process in this province.

Mr. Ahmadzai called the year 2014 as a test year of national survival for Afghanistan and said, “

While calling the year 2014 as a test year of National survival, Dr. Ahmadzai said, “The biggest challenge of the country is funding of Afghan security forces which will be discuss in upcoming Chicago conference”.

“If the current widespread corruption in Afghanistan remains till the year 2014, the international community would not continue support to Afghanistan.

Mr. Ahmadzai also spoke about the increasing rate of unemployment in the country and said, “55 percent of the Afghan youth are unemployed, which is a great threat to Afghanistan’s future”.

He also said, “Those who have benefited from the system in the past 10 years, are mostly trying to destroy the system”.

Meanwhile, Kapesa governor said, “The Afghan security forces can take over the security responsibility, whenever they have more equipments and facilities”.

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