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The situation of women prisoners can be worrisome after 2014: HRW

Thu Mar 29, 5:04 pm

A recent report published by Human Rights Watch (HRW) has reviewed the status of Afghan women imprisoned in the country.

According to the report, currently about 400 Afghan women and girls are imprisoned around the country. Most of these women are imprisoned for moral crimes and escaping from homes.

Kenneth Roth; the executive director of HRM criticized Afghanistan’s law and justice institutions and said, “In our opinion, the imprisonment of women for such actions would have different effects on women. We urge President Karzai to issue a decree for decriminalizing the escape from home and release all those who are confined after being charged with this crime”.

Mr. Roth added, “We want the Afghan government and international community to ensure human rights, especially women’s rights in country”.

He also stressed the importance of maintaining the progress made by women during the last 10 years.  He said that Afghanistan should not lose those improvements that have been made for women during peace talks.  He said, “Every decision and compromise must be made on the basis of a program and we must ensure that the rights of Afghan women in Afghanistan will not be sacrificed as we move forward.”

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