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The perpetrators that burned Holy Quran should be seriously punished: Jan Kubish

Fri Mar 02, 2:07 pm

United Nations special representative to Afghanistan, Jan Kubish, while condemning the desecration of the Holy Quran, urged the U.S. military to take serious actions against them.

Mr. Jan Kubish said, “The enemies of Afghanistan must not be allowed to benefit from the desecration of Holy Quran.  The international forces will punish those who desecrated the Holy Quran.”

Widespread protests against the desecration of the Holy Quran by international forces were launched in different cities of Afghanistan during the week following the incident. Almost 30 people were killed and more than a hundred wounded during violence and protests.

Although U.S. officials, even President Barack Obama, apologized to the Afghanistan nation and Afghan President Karzai at the beginning of the protests, UN special representative in Kabul said, “In this case, disciplinary action should be taken by the international forces”.

He added that the desecration of Holy Quran has created a number of problems for the international community, international forces and the Afghan nation.

Although UNAMA instructed its international staff to leave the Kundoz regional office due to violent protests, Mr. Kubish stressed that they will never quit Afghanistan, even if the enemies of peace are placed against them.

He added, “Don’t allow the enemies of peace in Afghanistan to benefit from the instability caused by the burning of the Holy Quran. We will never quit the Afghan people, even if the enemies of peace are placed against us.”

U.S President Barak Obama also said, “The situation is calmer than it was previously due to his apology to President Karzai and the Afghan people but the issue is not completely resolved yet”.

Meanwhile, NATO Commander to Afghanistan Gen. John Allen said, “The desecration of the Holy Quran by international forces was a failure on the part of NATO troops.”

Following the desecration of the Holy Quran by international forces, an Afghan official killed 2 American advisors inside the Interior Ministry.

United States, France, and Germany stopped their advisors and civilian servants from visiting Afghanistan ministries after the killing of 2 American advisors in Kabul.

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