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The mastermind of Prof. Rabbani’s assassination detained (NDS)

Sun Oct 02, 1:17 pm

Spokesman of National Directorate of Security (NDS) accused Quetta Council for assassination of Prof. Rabbani.

The spokesman of (NDS) said:

The detainee is related to the Quetta Council. According to him; many important documents were recovered from him and have delivered them for inspection to Pakistan Embassy in Kabul.

A joint commission, that was appointed to investigate the assassination of Prof. Rabbani, soon will disclose the name of detainee and will provide more details of attack over Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani ex-head of High Peace Council.

(NDS) spokesman Lutfullah Mashal said:

“They were not informed by the members of Peace Council about the meeting of suicide bomber with Prof. Rabbani therefore such incident happened”.

He added:

“Transference of security responsibilities, Afghan-US strategic alliance and progress in the efforts of High Peace Council caused the insurgents to increase their anti-govt. activities.

He said:

“National Directorate of Security has been able to prevent attacks on Marshal Muhammad Fahim vice president, Atha Muhammad Noor Governor of Balkh, Afghan chairman senate and other senior officials”.

He also informed about the arrest of three people accused of killing Khan Muhammad Mujahid police chief of Kandahar province.

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