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The government should prevent high profile assassination: MPs

Tue Dec 27, 12:31 pm

Various parliamentarians strongly condemned the recent suicide attack in Takhar province where MP Abdul Mutallib Baik and many other innocent civilians were killed.

These MPs consider the murder of Mr. Baik the continuation of high profile assassinations and demanded security agencies to identify and detain the perpetrators of the attack as soon as possible.

Abdul Sattar Darzaby representative of Jawzjan province in parliament also asked President Karzai and NATO officials to identify and trial the perpetrators of high profile assassinations.

Afghan’s enemies are behind these high profile assassinations, MPs said.

Muhammad Naim Lali Hameedzai, representative of Kandahar province in the parliament said “we strongly condemn the attack. Unfortunately, Afghanistan’s enemies want to assassinate those high profiles and influential people who efforts for peace in the country.”

On the other hand, the MPs consider these assassinations the weakness of security agencies and demand the government to appoint professional people in state security agencies.

Professional carders, who are trained for years are dismissed for political considerations and are replaced with inexperienced people, Abdul Sattar Darzaby said.

Over 20 people were killed including MP Abdul Mutallib and more than 50 others wounded in a suicide attack in Talaqan city center of Takhar province.

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