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The first winter assistance of Bayat Foundation began in Herat

Tue Nov 29, 12:27 pm

Bayat Foundation’s Winter Aid, with the first snow fall began in Herat and the aid was distributed to 120 deserving families.

Engineer Ehsanullah Bayat; senator and Chairman of Bayat Foundation said that the purpose of assistance is to help pauper and needy people.

Bayat Foundation and a number of overseas Afghan every year donate and aid the needy and deserving families, Engineer Ehsanullah Bayat added.

Senator Ehsanullah Bayat promised to distribute aid also in other areas of the country to the deserving families.

“I on behalf of poor families in Herat thank Engineer Ehsanullah Bayat for his assistance in the winter season. This was the first urgent aid of Bayat Foundation and I hope Bayat Foundation to be an example for the other charitable institutions in the Country” Herat Governor Dawood Saba said.

“Whenever winter arrives, the poor people need help and cooperation and Bayat Foundation always urgently aided that pauper and deserving people” MP Munawar Shah said.

Herat residents also asked the government and other charitable organizations for more support.

Lack of health clinic is the biggest challenge for them in winter season, Herat residents added.

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