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TB Cases increase in Ghazni

Wed Mar 28, 1:41 pm

The number of tuberculosis (TB) patients has increased from the prior year in Ghazni province, health officials said.

The head of the Ghazni tuberculosis treatment center, Dr.  Abdul Rahim Attai, said that the number of 254 cases of TB are recorded in one year, he added.

He said that poverty, insecurity, few services in hospitals and treatment centers and people’s unawareness are the main causes of the spreading of this disease.

Ghazni tuberculosis treatment center officials complained of inadequate facilities and said that they have not enough facilities to care these patients. Most patients are forced to continue their treatment either in their homes or at private hospitals, they added.

According to Dr. Shams Qahir, the provincial head of Ghazni tuberculosis hospital, the treatment of TB patients at homes may infect other family members. They are seeking to activate TB treatment centers in all provincial hospital and health centers in Ghazni districts to control the spread of TB, he added.

Currently, 100 TB patients are under treatment in Ghazni tuberculosis hospital. Most of these patients are women and youths.

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