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Taliban encourage religious school students to war: Chief of Baghlan Police

Thu Apr 12, 11:32 am

Pakistani intelligence agencies and the Taliban have influence in some religious schools and encourage the students against government and military trainings, Asadullah Sherzad, the chief of Baghlan police said.

He also report about the detention of Taliban’s governor in Burka district and another member of this group in northern Baghlan province.

Taliban’s Governor Mullah Hafizullah and Abdul Hakim are among the top leaders of Taliban grioup that are detained by police.

Mullah Hafizullah returned to Baghlan, after rejected at the Iranian border and replaced Mullah Younis, Taliban’s governor in Baghlan, who currently lives in Peshawar.

Abdul Hakim was a student in one the religious schools in Takhar province, where Mulavi Nasir encouraged him to terrorism and then sent him to Pakistan.

According to Mullah Hafizullah and Abdul Hakim, “Taliban commander in Pakistan promised to dispatch dozens of armed insurgents and weapons o them”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shirzad expressed concerns over the influence of terrorists in some religious schools and said, “Some religious scholars are trying to encourage the students to military training and terrorism, on the commands of Pakistani terrorist gangs”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shirzad said, “Taliban have lost the face to face war and now trying to disturb the security through bomb blasts and suicide attacks”.

According to Mr. Shirzad, “The terrorist group known as Jundullah Uzbekistani is trying to have influence in Baghlan province, but the security forces had taken necessary measures to prevent armed insurgent influence in region”.

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