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Taliban control Bargematal and Kamdesh districts of Nuristan

Wed Apr 11, 11:12 am

Representatives of Wolesi Jirga’s Security Commission expressed concerns over the influence of Taliban in eastern Nuristan province.

“Some areas of the eastern Kunar and Nuristan province are being controlled by Taliban militants” commission members said.

Muhammad Naeem Lali Hameedzai, a member of Wolesi Jirga’s Security Commission said, “The Bargematal and Kamdesh district of Nuristan province are influenced by Taliban militants and have the financial and military support of ISI”.

Pakistani ISI support Arab, Pakistani and Uzbek militants and send them to these regions.

The members of the commission claim that 600 Afghan forces are resisting them.

Although, the provincial officials had called for central government assistance, but government has not taken any measures in this regard, the commission members said.

Meanwhile, the commission members warn, “If Pakistan’s intelligence institution (ISI) and neighboring counties continued their support to armed insurgents; the crisis may be spread to other provinces”.

On the other hand, the officials of defense ministry said, “there are enough forces in Kunar and Nuristan provinces and the ministry will take serious measure, whenever required”.

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