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Suicide bomber kills the chief of Kunar peace council

Sat Apr 07, 5:47 pm

Mawlavi Muhammad Hashem Munib, the chief of Kunar peace council was killed in a suicide attack in eastern province of Kunar on Friday afternoon.

According to Kunar governor, Sayed Fazelullah Wahidi said, “The suicide attack took place at about 1:30 pm in Shahmir Kot area of Watapur district of eastern Kunar province on Friday”.

Mr. Wahidi also said that, “A son of Mawlavi Munib was also killed and another person wounded in that attack”.

He added that, “Mawlavi Munib dead on the spot while he son dead in the way to hospital”.

According to the eye witnesses, “the suicide bomber exploded him while shaking hands with Mawlavi Munib after the Friday prayer.

So far, no one has taken the responsibility for this attack.

Mawlavi Munib was one of the tribal leaders of Watapur district. He was also a former commander of Hezb-a-Islami and was supporting the Afghan government for 6 years.

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