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Suicide attack in Paktia Province

Mon Oct 17, 1:14 pm

Local officials of Paktia province said:

The suicide bombers entered the municipality building of Gardez City and tried to attack over the nearby Governor office and other government institutes.

In the attack, just an employee of municipality was killed and the suicide attackers were also killed by security forces after a clash between them.

Ruhullah Samoon spokesman of Paktia Governor said:

Three suicide attackers around 12Pm entered the municipality building of Gardez City. These suicide attackers had planned to attack over Paktia Governor. But these insurgents were killed after the clash between them and security forces. An employee of the municipality was killed in the clash.

According to him:

The insurgent had also brought a car full of explosives and after the kill of suicide attackers, the car was also exploded but no death resulted in the explosion.

Yet no insurgent groups have claimed the responsibility.

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