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Strategic accords a big achievement: Karzai

Wed Jun 13, 2:21 pm

The Afghan President Hamid Karzai says signing strategic accords and establishing good international relations are among the biggest achievements of his 10 year government.

The long-term strategic pacts with the United States of America, Italy, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, India, France and obtaining the observer status in SCO summit were the vital progress made during the last decade, Karzai told the reporters during a news conference on Tuesday.

President Karzai said he had expressed Afghanistan’s goodwill to all the regional countries during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Beijing, assuring the strategic agreements with foreign countries were never against any country.

He said during his meetings with his Russian and Chinese counterparts on the sidelines of SCO summit, he got Russia and China’s commitments to support Afghanistan in strengthening its education and economic sectors, foreign policy and development of Afghanistan’s relations with the international community.

President Karzai said having the support of these two powerful regional countries was his biggest achievement in SCO summit which would be effective in Afghanistan’s development and stability.

Karzai once again stressed that Afghanistan is struggling to strengthen its relations with the neighboring, regional and foreign countries for a good neighborliness and regional and international cooperation for the extension of the development.

During his speech, President Karzai also pointed to Abdul Rashid Dostom’s case, saying Dostom was not accused by anyone of national betrayal.

Recently, some reports were published stating that the National Security Council (NSC) had accused Abdul Rashid Dostom, one of the key leaders of Afghanistan National Front, of national betrayal for preventing the exploration of oil and gas at Amu River.

President Karzai said the case was not confirmed and needs further investigations.

Afghanistan National Front has also rejected the accusations on its leader as baseless, saying Dostom had not prevented the exploration of oil and gas, but he demanded the locals residents should be hired in the projects.

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