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Simin Barekzai read out her will in her ninth day of hunger strike

Tue Oct 11, 1:28 pm

Simin Barekzai, who has been on hunger strike for last nine days, stating her will said, “If the hunger strike led her to death, government officials would be responsible”.

MP Simin Barekzai, who was unseated from the parliament, entered to her ninth day of hunger strike. According to her will, government officials would be responsible for her death. Said Razia Keshtgar Sarwary (ATN) reporter

Shekeba Hashimi representative of Kandahar province in the parliament said:

“She defends hunger strike of Simin Barekzai”.

Yusuf Etebar head of Vice president’s office said:

“Vice president Marshal Muhammad Fahim Qaseem calls for end of Simin Barekzai’s hunger strike”.

Although, a number of high government officials visited Simin Barekzai and have asked her to end the strike but by rejecting them she said, “I will go on until 9 unseated lawmakers are given back their seats”.

While, the doctors described the alarming health status of Miss Barekzai and said, she is refusing to take medicines and drips since yesterday night.

Simin Barekzai is among the nine unseated lawmakers who were dismissed by IEC.

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