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Several Taliban Commanders have been associated with I.S.I

Thu Oct 27, 1:43 pm

A number of Taliban militants in an interview with BBC said that they have been trained in the bases of Pakistani inelegance agency I.S.I and have been sent to Afghanistan for operational missions, including suicide bombing attacks.

A detained member of Taliban in Kabul prison said that he was trained suicide bombing by people affiliated with the Taliban in Pakistan and ISI were overseeing the trainings.

The detainee admitted that after having fifteen days training he came to Afghanistan in a vehicle with two other people and Pakistani police officials even could not dare to stop and inspect the vehicle that belonged to I.S.I.

This person that was supposed to participate in a suicide bombing was regretted of his decision in the last moments and then Afghan security forces arrested and detained him.

BBC, in an interview with one of the leaders among the ranks of the Taliban, quoted his opinion that said:

“Two things are important for warriors, supplies and shelters”.

Taliban Commander told that; “Pakistan plays an important role in provision of facilities to Taliban”.

He added that Pakistan supports Taliban for continuation of conflicts in Afghanistan. Regarding Barrack Obama’s decision of sending more troops to Afghanistan he said

Pakistan increased their supports to Taliban in response to the increase of forces in Afghanistan.

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