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Several killed and wounded in a suicide attack in Kabul

Sun Oct 30, 1:03 pm

The suicide attack occurred yesterday which left many dead and wounds.

Security officials said:

Several foreign troops are also among the killed people but they refrain from giving the exact death-toll.

According to interior ministry, at least 4 people including a policeman were killed in the incident.

After an almost security in Kabul, once again this city was rocked by suicide bomber. Explosion was so intense that the glasses of several nearby buildings were broken. Reported by Musafir Qoqandi ATN reporter

The suicide attacker targeted foreign troop’s convoy using a townace vehicle.

Kabul police Chief Muhammad Ayub Salangi told reporters that several foreign forces were also killed and wounded in the incident but the exact death-toll in not confirmed yet.

Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack and said that about 700kg explosives were used in the attack.

Taliban has claimed that they have killed several foreign forces but foreign troop’s officials have not commented yet.

This incident comes as traditional Loya Jirga is going to be held in Kabul.

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