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Senate calls on strengthening Intelligence strategy

Mon Apr 23, 11:47 am

Mishrano Jirga, upper House of the Afghan Parliament, on Sunday decided to summon security officials before the general session of the Parliament to respond on the security failure following the coordinated armed attacks last week.

The Afghan senators blamed the security agencies and intelligence agency for the defects in their activities, saying there was no coordination between the military strategy and National policy. The senators demanded to build an accurate intelligence strategy alongside the security forces.

The Mishrano Jirga members said the intelligence failure led to rebel coordinated assaults last week leaving much causalities in the country.

The senators calling the Chicago conference vital for the country asked the government to attend the conference with a determined plan.

The Chicago conference is scheduled to be held at May this year with the participation of NATO member countries and other powerful countries of the world where they would specify funding Afghan forces after 2014, the year of withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan.

The issue of funding of Afghan forces, after the exit of foreign forces from Afghanistan in 2014, is one of the major concerns of the people of Afghanistan and the government. Many believe the Chicago conference will be very important for the future of Afghanistan.

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