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Security transition process may soon be implemented in Paktia: Ahmadzai

Sat Mar 31, 2:30 pm

Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, the Chairman of the Security Transition Commission, and Lieutenant General Murad Ali Murad, the Commander of Afghan ground forces visited South-Eastern Paktia province on Friday.

The visit aimed to finalize understanding of the requirements and needed preparations to formally start the transfer of security responsibilities to Afghan security forces in some areas of this province.

Currently, the security situation in some areas of Paktia province is favorable and the security transition process will begin there in the near future, Ahmadzai said.

Mr. Ahmadzai expressed concerns over the rumors regarding the implementation of security transition in bordering areas of Afghanistan. In addition, he said, “I may visit the bordering districts soon, to observe the necessity requirements for the implementation of the security transition process.”

Meanwhile, Gen. Abdul Khaliq, the Commander of 203 Thunder Corps said, “The corps are able to take the responsibilities of national security”.

Two phases of security transition process have so far been implemented in different areas of the country. According to that, 50 percent of national security responsibilities have been handed over to the Afghan security forces.

It is said that the 3rd phase of the security transition process will being soon.  Following the full implementation of Phase 3, 75 percent of national security will be controlled by Afghan national forces. The process of transfering security responsibilities to Afghan security forces may be completed in 2014.

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