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Security forces begin clearance operations in Badakhshan province

Tue Apr 10, 10:21 am

Gen. Zalami Weesa, the commander of Shaheen corps report about the launching of massive military operation in Wardaig district of Badakhshan province.

During a telephonic conversation with ATN correspondent, Gen. Weesa said, “Security forces have stated a massive military operation against insurgents in the insecure areas of Wardaig district of Badakhshan province on Monday morning”. Security forces are moving towards Yakhsher, Tergaran and Bashan areas, he added.

Thousands ANA soldiers and police take part in these operations and ISAF air forces support them through air.

According to Gen. Weesa, “No armed clash happened at the beginning of the operation in Wardaig district and Afghan security forces moved towards other insecure areas of this distract”.

Gen. Weesa stresses that the clearance operations would be continued till the elimination of enemies in entire Badakhshan provinces”.

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