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Repatriated refugees in Afghanistan are deprived of fundamental Human Rights

Thu Mar 29, 4:58 pm

The failure to address the problems of the repatriated refugees when they return to Afghanistan results in their movement towards Iran and Pakistan.

In a meeting with the sectarian ministers on Wednesday, first vice President Muhammad Qasim Fahim said that great numbers of Afghan refugees repatriated to Afghanistan during the last 10 years, but a number of them returned to Iran or Pakistan because the government failed to address their problems.

The meeting was attended by the officials of the sectarian ministries, ministry of refugees and UNHRC.

Mr. Fahim said in the mentioned meeting that “Afghans refugees in the neighboring countries, in addition to lack of security are also deprived of fundamental human rights.”

Jamahir Anwari, the minster of refugee affairs, said, “International community in the coordination with the sectarian ministries and UNHRC has developed a strategy regarding Afghan refugees. Implementation of this strategy will help them overcome their problems.”

This strategy would be discussed during the Geneva Conference which is going to be held in April 2012.

Meanwhile, UNHCR officials assured that the organization would support all projects of the Afghan government to solve refugee’s problems.

Andryka, the UNHRC representative in Asia said, “6 million Afghan refugees have repatriated to country since 2002. But, still 3 million Afghan refugees are living in Iran and Pakistan in difficult conditions.”

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