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Release of 11 abducted policemen in Badakhshan

Fri Dec 16, 2:53 pm

Eleven policemen, who were kidnapped by Taliban in Badakhshan province, have been released in result security forces operation in Wordage district of Badakhshan province.

These operations began on Wednesday and resulted in release of 11 kidnapped policemen. Abdul Habib Saidkhali; border police commander in Northern Afghanistan said.

Four Taliban were killed and   35 other are detained during the military operation, he added.

According to Mr. saidkhali, security forces had control many war equipments during the operation and 25 Taliban surrender to security forces.

Four villages were freed from armed Taliban in this operation and operation to hunt Taliban fighters in district is in progress.

Meanwhile, Abdul Saboor Nusrati, Badakhshan police commander said that theses operations held jointly by Afghan police and security forces and has cleared most villages but only one part is remaining that is siege by security forces.

The operation causes displacement of many families and the Red Crescent of Badakhshan, nearly three hundred and four families quit their homes and took refuge in other villages.

Badakhshan governor’s spokesperson Abdul Marouf Rashkh said that military operation was only way for releasing the abducted policemen.

Before implementation of military operation, efforts were made to resolve the issue by dialogues but that has not worked, he added.

Now efforts have started to support the displaced families. Officials of Badakhshan Red Crescent said that investigation started in this regard, after which the real displaced families, will be assisted.

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