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Public Protection Police begins taking over security responsibility from private companies

Fri Mar 16, 2:53 pm

The first stage of transferring security responsibilities from private security companies to the Afghan Public Protection Police forces was officially begun yesterday in Kabul.

Head of Public Protection Police Jamal Naser said initially the security responsibility of Tara Khail power plant in east Kabul, which was guarded by two US companies, was transferred to the public protection police.

Soon this program will be implemented in several other provinces including Kandahar and Helmand, Jamal Naser added.

He said the purpose of this program is to professionalize the police forces and as well as to transfer the important security responsibilities from private companies to the National police forces.

“The program could face many challenges in future but we will help to make it successful” head of a US security company Bell Hyde said.

The Afghan President Hamid Karzai about two years ago had issued an order to dissolve all the irresponsible domestic and foreign security companies. But the companies that are regulated to their activities would be led by the Public protection police forces.

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