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Prosecutors issue the arrest order of Chief of Ghazni Rural Development Department

Fri Mar 30, 2:16 pm

Ghazni prosecutor issued the arrest order of Mr. Ghulam Sanai Mayel; chief of Ghazni rural development department; accused of misusing his official authorities.

According to Mr. Sayed Sahar Gul, the chief prosecutor of Ghazni, Mr. Mayel is accused of illegal usage of his official authorities and has been sentenced to 6 months imprisonment by the Supreme Court.

Mr. Sahar Gul said, “During the juridical appointment, the Supreme Court relied on the paragraph 2 of article 285 of criminal act in the compliance with the article 145 of the penal code, sentenced Mr. Ghulam Sanai Mayel to six months imprisonment”.

According to Ghazni prosecutor, Mr. Mayel has escaped from Ghazni province and currently lives somewhere else.

Meanwhile, some members of Ghazni provincial council said that the wide spread corruption in government institutions and lack of law enforcement are the main challenges in central Ghazni province.

Hameeda Gulistani; a member of Ghazni provincial council said, “Every powerful and authorized person of Ghazni can do anything in the province and there is no institution to stop them”.

According to Ghazni governor Muhammad Musa Akbarzada, “Corruption is the main hurdle in establishing good governance”. The only thing that our people and the entire world complaint, is corruption, he added.

It’s not the first time that a government official is sentence to imprison. 3 government officials, including the chief of refugee affairs were detained and been imprisoned for illegal usage of their authorities and selling refugee own lands to others.

But the cases of the chief of Ghazni information and cultural department and former Mayor of Ghazni, accused of corruption are not followed.

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