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Property distribution of textile factory began among its workers in Baghlan

Tue Feb 07, 11:58 am

According to the President Karzai’s decree; the distribution of nearly half of the Pul-Khomri city lands has been started among the textile factory workers in northern Baghlan province.

President Karzai during his presidential elections had ordered to distribute these properties among the textile factory workers.

The Pul-Khomri textile factory has been the largest factory of the country but is now facing a recession and its properties that are over 1100 residential homes are to be distributed to its workers.

According to the factory officials; the factory workers who have worked in more than 12 years, are entitled for the properties but those who don’t deserve these homes, will be distributed land plots.

Meanwhile the employees of the textile factory expressed gladness to the President Karzai’s decree and say that after 20 years fighting for their textiles homes, now they managed to get these properties.

The Pul-Khomri textile factory is considered the largest manufacturing factory of the country but the factory was badly damaged during the civil war and is now facing a recession.

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