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Prison controls entrusted to Interior Ministry

Wed Jan 11, 2:35 pm

Justice Ministry handed over the controls of all prisons and detention centers to the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

Justice Minister Habibullah Ghalib said “all the Afghan prisons are faced with serious challenges therefore weapons and drugs are transferred to the prisons and even the prisoners have contact with the terrorist groups.

Mr. Ghalib said the National Police are able to take the control of all prisons and detention centers. He asked the Interior Ministry to bring significant reformation in the prisons after having its control.

The Interior Ministry while considering the security of prisons important in the current situation said the insurgents could operate their activities through these prisons. The Ministry also confirmed the challenges.

According to the Interior Ministry statistics; currently in eight provinces, the prisoners are kept in rental residential quarters, therefore the ministry requires 20 new prisons in the country.

Currently twenty two thousand people including 608 women are imprisoned in 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Among these prisoners, 384 of them are foreigners including 310 Pakistanis and 48 Iranians.

While the Afghan President Hamid Karzai, has also asked to handover the control of Bagram prison to Afghan officials. According to some people; the Afghan government is unable to have complete control of the prisons as many of the prisoners have succeeded escaped from prisons and detention centers.

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