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Polish military base to become College of Geology and Mines

Sat Mar 02, 12:48 pm

The former Polish military base in Ghazni has been handed off to Ghazni province so that it can become a College of Geology and Mineralogy, allowing students to learn how to become experts in mineral exploration and mine development.

Hundreds of Polish ISAF Forces had previously been accommodated at the base and had been working from there with Afghan Security Forces.

The former military installations will now be used as classrooms and geology and mineralogy laboratories.  It is hoped that by being able to learn about minerals and geology, the students will learn to be able to identify locations in Ghazni and surrounding provinces where mining might yield good results.  Soon the Geology and Mineralogy College will begin its teaching and laboratory activities in Ghazni Province.

According to officials, the College of Geology and Mineralogy will be located on 350 acres.  Included at the college will be a center for Islamic Research, College classrooms, dormitories, a Mosque, a Guest House, and a big bazaar.

The Governor Musa Akar Zada said, ”We have agreed that the Polish installations which were built at a cost of over a million dollars will remain open for future usage and we hope to use the installations in useful ways such as for a college for geological and mineralogical studies.”

The Polish Ambassador in Afghanistan, Piotr Łukasiewicz, said, ”The withdrawal of our forces from Ghazni does not mean we are leaving forever but we promise there will be more support for reconstruction efforts in Ghazni.”

The Polish Ambassador also said,”On behalf of Poland’s Government and the Polish Embassy it does not mean we have ended our mission.  We hate war, and we will stay here and cooperate with you and encourage the Ghazni officials to stay in touch with Polish Embassy.”

From the provincial government side, the Security Chief of Ghazni, Mr. Zahid, said that he appreciated the full security support of the Polish forces in his province.

Zahid said, “They have trained our Afghan Security Forces, and have helped to implement lifetime projects and reconstruction initiatives in Ghazni province.  The Polish Forces have lost their lives in order to secure security and stability for us in Ghazni Province.”

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