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Police forces should be insured: Interior Ministry

Wed Dec 21, 12:05 pm

Interior Ministry officials said, until all police forces are not insured, the corruption cannot be eliminated from this sector.

Mirza Muhammad Yarmand, Administrative Deputy of Interior Ministry, while talking during graduation ceremony of police officers said, they have requested some foreign countries to provide a copy of police insurance law of their states to Interior ministry, so that they can draft insurance law for Afghan police by using them.

Mr. Yarmand added that they want to upgrade the leadership level and other capacities of Afghan police with the new program.  The program should be held in coordination of provincial security commanders.

These officials added that mediations of MPs, influential people and tribal elders in the process of hiring and recruitment the police have caused lack of law enforcement in Afghanistan.

Mr. Yarmand hopes that such interruption in police selection process may be prevented by implementation of new law.

Corruption, illiteracy and police non-cooperation with public are the main criticism against Afghan police and even reduced people’s trust on police.

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