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People’s uprising in Baghlan pushes Jindullah group member out of the province

Tue Dec 31, 10:49 am

Inhabitants of central Baghlan combined efforts in an uprising to force the Jindullah group to pull out one of the members of Jindullah group from the province.

The Jindullah group is accused of kidnapping activities, murder and terrorism activities. The group is related to the Uzbekistani Taliban that was a major concern to Baghlan citizens.

Previously, security officials of Baghlan province had expressed concerns over the terrorist activities of the Jindullah group.

Kidnapping and robbery are problems facing Baghlan inhabitants that mostly occur on public roads.

Baghlan is one of least secure provinces of Afghanistan where Taliban Linked groups have conducted various terrorist attacks.

The terrorist attacks by Taliban linked group is not the only problem for Baghlan inhabitants but also the continuation of violence against women is another primary concern troubling this province.

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