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Pentagon welcomes finalization of Afghan-US pact

Wed Apr 25, 12:32 pm

Pentagon welcomes the finalization of Afghan-US Strategic cooperation agreement, saying the signing of the treaty is an important step for the continuous presence of the United States in Afghanistan.

“The purpose of the treaty is to meet the bilateral interests. The signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Afghanistan clearly illustrates that the US will never leave this country alone,” US Defense Ministry spokesman said.

Many experts including former US Ambassador to Afghanistan Zulmai Khalilzad highlight the importance of the pact saying, with the signing of the treaty, the long-term assistance of United States to Afghanistan would be guaranteed.

Zulmai Khalilzad has written an article on the importance of the accord where he has said that the strategic pact could benefit both the countries and the tensed relations between Kabul and Washington over corruption would also reduced.

Signing of an Afghan-US pact would increase the self-confidence of the Afghan security forces, Khalilzad added.

Although the neighboring countries so far have not reacted in this regard but it seems like they are not pleased of such accords at their neighborhood.

Recently on Sunday, the government announced the Afghan-US pact was finalized but still some of the issues are not clear including the exact number of US troops to remain in Afghanistan after year 2014 and under what conditions they will operation in this country.

The Afghan-US long-term cooperation agreement, which was finalized after 8 seasons, will determine the cooperation between these two countries after 2014 till the next a decade.

Afghan cabinet also welcomes some of the important issues in the accord such as a long-term assistance to the Afghan security forces, saying this is a great opportunity for the Afghan forces to independently defend their territory.

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