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Paktia Farmers unable to harvest their exported

Fri Nov 25, 7:13 pm

This year they have not been able to provide the facilities for formers to expert their crops to other countries. Paktia Agriculture Department says,

Officials of this department say, the reason is lack of cooperation with donor organizations in this regards.

Meanwhile, farmers say, this year they sell their corps in the lower prices.

While in previous years, about five tones of apples of this province have been exported to  India, Dubai and Pakistan markets, but this year due to lack of cooperation of work-related entities their fruits no exported.

Now they have to sell their crops at the lower prices in the country, They said.

Now have to stand up for their crops to sell at low prices in the country.

They said if government makes a specific place to store their corps they will not have to sell their corps in lower prices.

In past years number of donor organizations providing them the opportunities to export their corps to foreign countries, but this year these department haven’t done any support. Mohammad Farooq Deputy farmers for Paktia Agriculture Department said.

As he said, they provide specific place to store their corps in three districts of this province which is not enough.

While this happens that a number of farmers in this province are recently interested to fruit trees in the province which has a good result.

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