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Pakistani Rocket Fires Resumed on Nuristan Province

Thu Dec 15, 2:06 pm

So far, 30 rockets have been fired from Pakistan to Kamdesh district of Nuristan province leaving at least 6 kills and injures, security officials said.

Nuristan Police Chief Gen. Shams-ul-Rahman while asking the federal government for the help said that over the past 24 hours, residential areas of Kamdesh district of Nuristan province have been consecutively targeted by rocket attacks from Pakistan side.

According to him, a woman has been killed and about 40 other children have been wounded in the attacks. Fourteen other livestock has also died in a house targeted by rocket fire.

This was the first attack in Nuristan after 24 Pakistani Army soldiers were killed by NATO forces.

Two months ago, the Pakistani artillery and rocket attacks in Konar province left too many financial damages.

This attack comes as recently eastern border police commander Gen. Aminullah Amarkhail was appreciated for his well duty performance.

He had said that if any country including Pakistan targets Afghanistan, will be met strongly.

So far, Gen. Amarkhail has not commented on recent attacks from Pakistan side.

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